Silent Screams

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A married couple with an undead houseguest. A shape-shifting robot with a photographic memory. A gourmand mob boss with a taste for the unusual.

Welcome to the world of Silent Screams.

Containing twenty-six stories from a variety of fresh voices and industry veterans, Silent Screams is an anthology of dark speculative fiction focused on drawing awareness to the plight of those who are unable to speak for themselves. Simultaneously humane and horrific, each included tale presents a vision of the macabre animated by a beating heart of compassion.

The world’s voiceless victims cry out. If you listen closely enough, you just might hear them.


D. Morgan BallmerFloat

Helen Cattan-PruglThe Lady on the Billboard

Joseph AitkenThe Manitou in Me

Steve DuBoisA Boy and a Soldier

Garth UpshawFranks

Janie BaranUnsafe House

Sean M. DavisMrs. Leary’s Home for the Living Impaired

Aurora TorchiaMoretta

James Van PeltThe Heated Door

Kevin Bannigan Jr.Finding Ourselves

Stephen S. PowerA Presentation to the Imperial Society of Mancers

Rachel OlsonThe Maiden with Clockwork Hands

Rebecca Birch—My Secret Thorns

Erin CairnsMimic

Kristin JanzChildren of Cronus

Bob MacumberThe Sculptors

Igor TeperThe Untelepathic Man

Justin Hunter—Soul Returning

Chantal BoudreauHand

Shane SimmonsRaw

Jeff B. SkinnerI Am Fading

Thomas CanfieldThe Engines of War

Barry RosenbergDr. Priority

Lisa MortonDown But Not Out at the End of the World

Andrew M. SeddonTyrant’s Fall

Frederic ObermeyerThe Words That Bite



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